CNC Machining

CNC Router (Computer Numerical Control Router) is a computer-controlled cutting machine related to the hand held router used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminium, steel, plastics, and foams. CNC Routers can perform the tasks of many carpentry shop machines such as the panel saw, the spindle moulder, and the boring machine. They can also cut or engrave into stones as well as glass.

Our CNC router typically produces consistent and high-quality work and improves factory productivity. Unlike a jig router, our CNC router can produce a one-off as effectively as repeated identical production. Automation and precision are highly taken into considerations.

We take orders as per your work needs. You can have your customized CNC Router Machine built in very less time with 1-year Warranty.

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Pre-made models:


CNC Router Machine


Working Area
X-Axis 525 mm
Y-Axis 1090 mm
Z-Axis 250 mm


Max. cutting Speed
Metal : 2500 mm/min
Wood : 4500 mm/min

Air Cooled
35000 rpm

Software: Artcam Premium 2017

Power Supply: 220 V

Warranty : 1 year


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