We Design What You Want

SAR Automation deals with the Automation & Robotics. We have highly experienced group of engineers from every field for designing the best Automation solution for your problems. Automation is used world wide for the betterment & as ease provider for humans. Our products are nor predefined neither already manufactured. We listen to your problem and find out the best design which is cheap & efficient for the work. As our mission is to use automation in best way rather then to use automation to be a millionaire as other do.

The Basic Solutions we excel in are:

Home Automation/Security:

Control your home appliances from your mobile. You forgot to turn the light off, or you din’t locked the door, don’t worry you can do it with your mobile. Plus we can add home security feature so that you can see whats happening in your home live on your mobile or any where, and if some thing goes wrong you can simply turn the alarm on, and can lock the main door.

Car security:

No monthly charges & is at very low price that you cant imagine. Plus you can customize the options, such as we can make your mobile the key to your car, lock and unlock the car with your mobile, & at very low rate, Amazing isn’t it?

Services for Special People:

Life is other name of ups & downs, some of us are not that lucky to enjoy all the features of human body. We do care for them. We don’t want them to depend on others, as dependency on any one except Almighty Allah is worst then any thing. We are always on the front line to build gadgets for such people which can help them to do tasks. These things include:
  • Magic Cap for paralyzed people, things will work on their thinking.
  • Wheel Chair for special person.
  • Backbone support system.
and many other things like this which we will design according to the person in cheap & effective way.
More over if you want any thing other than this we can do it for you as We Build What You Want.


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